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Positive Thinking To Live Presently

Cristina Diaz asked:

Although we exist in the present, many of us do not always live here and now.

Our mind is so used to think about the past, about things that cannot be changed; or it flies into the future, creating fears and worries and infinite hypothetical situations of any kind.

When our mind comes into place then we worry, or we feel frustrated because we think “things should/should not be this way”. When our mind takes over and starts thinking about stuff any other than what is currently happening, we miss out on life.

Full life is right here, right now.

Create positive thoughts and decide to live in the present. All is well, here and now. You are complete and full by yourself. In fact, you do not need anything or anyone else right now, or you ever did.

The moment you understand that, you will find that a whole world of opportunities and possibilities opens before you. Keep yourself positive, feed your mind with positive thoughts, learn to deal with negative thoughts and to just drop it all, just like that.

Choose to live in the present courageously, since you only have to win. You can keep yourself balanced and positive through positive thinking activities, positive affirmations and positive thinking books. Most of them give good advice and offer great ideas to give a more wholistic experience of positive thinking, and therefore suggest also a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a balanced diet to enjoy a positive attitude.

Live happily, live here, live now.

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