How to Handle Difficult People – Dealing With Negative People

Laurie Brenner asked:

Have you found yourself dealing with difficult or negative people lately? They can be entirely draining on one’s psyche and you walk away feeling as if somehow you are to blame for something you’re not quite sure about. This is the nature of a difficult or negative person.

Just because you’ve learned that you’re spiritual and that we are all connected doesn’t automatically deliver happy and positive people into your life. Oftentimes, it’s the exact opposite. If you’ve recently had a very positive spiritual experience or shift in your life, be prepared because you will have many opportunities to learn how to handle difficult people – and learn how to deal with negative people.

Negative People Are Energy Vampires
But only if you let them be. Just because you’ve got an expanded view of the universe now, doesn’t mean you have to like everyone you meet. Part of understanding the true meaning of love is to allow people to be themselves. And it isn’t your job to change them or point out their insufficiencies. If you find yourself doing this, you’re getting sucked into their negative view of life.

There are negative people in the world – and here’s how to know them:

They never have anything positive to say They blame others for everything You feel bad when you are around them You feel as if you are being attacked You feel as if somehow you have done something wrong You feel guilty when you’re around them They are always complaining You leave them feeling drained You feel ill when you are around them
How to Handle a Difficult or Negative Person
Here are several approaches to handling a difficult or negative person:

Limit your conversation with them, keep it to the facts or the information of the exchange After their negative tirade, ask them to say something positive Avoid them altogether Allow them to be White Light your personal space bubble Realize you are not responsible for them Send them love from a distance Stay in your positive flow Avoid being sucked into their negative web by detaching Allow their negativity to be a contrast to your positive energy

You will meet difficult and negative people where ever you go. Such is the journey of life. But that doesn’t mean you have to succor, placate, manipulate, or change them.

The simplest most effective way to handle them is to let them be. Don’t get caught up in their blaming game or their need to justify their position. Be kind but stern. You don’t have to attack them or even defend yourself against them. Keep your energy high and ideally, maybe some of your energy will rub off on them.

It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round – there is no rule book that says you have to like everyone you meet. Just because you’ve realized you’re spiritual and connected to all things doesn’t mean that everyone you meet will have a nice role to play. Think of the body, there is a mouth for food to enter and a sphincter at the other end that controls how and when waste exits. Everyone has a role to play. Not everyone gets to be the mouth if you can catch the drift. There are many sphincters out there. That’s their function — let them be. Knowing that you are a spiritual being and that they are a spiritual being and letting that be is oftentimes enough.

Remember this: your journey is about you: loving, and accepting yourself unconditionally, if you can do that, negative people simply cannot rain on you parade. By loving yourself, you develop compassion for those who don’t love themselves.

At the very least, negative and difficult people might be looked at through a different lens: the unconscious reason they find fault with everything around them is because deep down inside they find fault with their self. Negative and difficult people usually don’t love their self at all and they’ve never felt loved to begin with. This is not an excuse but a reason they behave the way they do.

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